Finding a teaching job can be hard…

Finding a teaching job can be hard, but here is some advice to make it easier…

Personally stay connected with other professionals in the field…

  • Getting to know other teachers and administrators can possibly lead to opportunities you were not aware of.
  • Keeping in touch with others who are in education helps them to know your strengths and can lead to a good referral.

Network with others in the field through online groups…

  • There are many online groups that focus on education and provide support to one another
  • Connect with other professionals through such forums as Yahoo Groups, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Online groups can lead to job opportunities that reach far beyond the limits of your community. Some groups include teachers from all over the world.
Start a blog of your own…
  • A blog can be used as a platform to share your expertise and experience.
  • A blog can be used as an online resume of sorts.
  • If you plan to blog, make sure you make it and keep it professional in appearance, information, and resources.

Attend conferences and workshops…
  • Attend local conferences and workshops in your area and while there – make a point to connect with other folks.
  • Bring a card with your name and contact information to give out should the opportunity present itself.
  • Use conferences and workshops to build your resume, keep on top of current educational trends, and to network with others in the field.
In today’s world, networking is a key part of expanding your professional opportunities. So while you are looking for that open door, work on building and nurturing your network of teachers, administrators, and others in education too.

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Deborah J. Stewart has been in the field of early childhood education for over 20 years. You can network with Deborah (Teach Preschool) on Twitter and Facebook too!


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    Lots of great advice Deborah! In Australia it can be difficult to find preschool jobs. Preschools here have hours and holidays very similar to schools so teaching in a preschool, as opposed to long day care is very attractive for working mums (like myself).

    I’ve got another hint: Personally introduce yourself to the preschools in your area and ask if they have a list for relief staff. We find it hard to find relief teachers who live locally and who are enthusiastic, motivated and show initiative. Often the agencies send us relief staff who are sadly lacking in all of the above, so it can really be a chance to shine and showcase your teaching. If a job comes up, you will be fresh in their minds.

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      Excellent Idea Jenny! Sometimes we just need to get our foot in the door and demonstrate what we are capable of. No one can see that until you go and introduce yourself:) Thanks for you comment!