Books and technology in the preschool classroom

I recently read a blog article posted by¬†Matt over at “Look at my Happy Rainbow” titled “Pop Up.” Matt shared with his readers how much his Kindergarten age children still enjoy books – even Pop Up books. I was even kind of surprised at this and then he showed a picture of a pop-up book where the author’s work was so amazing that it is no wonder a Kindergarten child would love it. He also went on to briefly discuss the use of electronic devices in the classroom environment. Matt’s post and the comments that followed from his readers got me thinking about the future of books in the preschool classroom.

The reality is, technology such as computers and Kindle (electronic books) are expensive and difficult to keep up with in the preschool classroom. As much as I love technology and use it daily in my adult life, I have always struggled to find a great way to introduce technology consistently in my preschool classroom. It seems like the computers get outdated so quickly or something breaks or the keyboard gets all sticky. But this post is not to down technology, I think we should introduce it to our preschoolers and I am still working on getting better at it.

What I want to share with you is why I think “real” books are so important for the preschool classroom.

Deborah and Wy

The power of real books
There is nothing better than sitting close to someone and listening to them use their real voice and watching their facial expressions as they read aloud from a real book. For young children, reading with a parent or a teacher is meaningful. It allows for interaction, communication, bonding, learning, and building lasting memories.

I love the look, feel, and smell of a real book. I can keep a book forever. I can write in it, display it on the mantle, toss it in the toy box, and I don’t have to change the batteries or download new software to make sure it still works.

I am all for introducing young children to new technology but I don’t think technology should replace real books. I hope it never does. I probably can’t express fully why I feel this way but I think the photo of me and my nephew (shown above) says it all!