Preschool Teacher Blunders

If you tell your parents the following…

“I have had the worst week ever, my car broke down and I don’t have enough money to get it fixed!”

“I am really tired today – stayed out too late partying with the other teachers.”

 “The other teachers don’t really know what they are doing, thank goodness Johnny is in my classroom.”

 “Your child had a really bad day, I am completely worn out!”

 “I am looking for another job, preschool just doesn’t pay enough”

 “I used to like working here, but with all the changes, I am thinking about quitting.”

 “I didn’t have time to plan anything for today so we are just gonna play.”

 “We didn’t get to make our little snowmen in art because we ran out of construction paper.”

 “I think you should seriously consider taking your child to see a therapist.”

 “You really need to get a handle on your child’s biting”

 “I wish the other parents would be as understanding as you are.”

 “I am quite certain I have a fever – but I have to stay because we have no subs.”

 “Your child has a fever, I need you to come and pick him up before he gets us all sick.”

 Then STOP!! Don’t say any more!

 The absolute best way for you to build rapport with your parents and help them have confidence in you as a teacher is to guard your words and put their needs first. Share information in such a way that parents will know you are capable and that you are all about solutions.

  • Be honest, but not brutal.
  • Be open, but not an open book.
  • Be truthful, but not painful.
  • Be yourself, but make it the professional self.

I am certain no one reading this blog ever has said something like this to a parent – so just mark this post off as a little reminder! Make sure you are paying attention to what you communicate and how you communicate to your parents.

Do you have any “teacher blunders” you have heard or that have bothered you? Now is the time to vent:) Leave a comment!