Are your preschoolers loving the process?

I spend a great deal of time researching activities and ideas for the classroom and often come across the cutest ideas but then I try to visualize how much of the activity my preschool age students would actually be able to do. Sometimes, the way an art activity looks online isn't exactly how they turn out in the classroom. For example, the snowman head shown above didn't quite look the same as the ones pictured [...]

Preschoolers need time for block play

Blocks promote creativity A block center promotes a unique opportuntiy for preschoolers to be creative. Instead of creating with paint or paper, preschoolers use blocks to engage in the construction or creation of buildings, roads, farms, houses, towers, and walls. Blocks allow preschoolers to create in more than one dimension and the creativity is open-ended and hands-on.     A variety of blocks Including a variety of blocks will help to promote creativity. Legos, wooden blocks, alphabet [...]

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Reading aloud to Preschoolers

When reading aloud to a group of students, be sure to hold the book up where all of the children can see it as you read. This will help eliminate some of the complaining during story time and allow the preschoolers to stay engaged. They do want to see the pictures - so make sure they can. Reading over your shoulder takes a little practice and coordination but it is a terrific skill that your [...]

Extending music in the preschool classroom

Music and fingerplays are a wonderful tool for teaching in the preschool classroom. Do you have a favorite song or fingerplay that you sing or say often with your preschool students?   Print the words Choose a favorite song or fingerplay that your students know well and print the words out on a large sheet of chart paper. The students already know the words by heart and now they can make the connection between what they hear, [...]

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