Are your preschoolers loving the process?

I spend a great deal of time researching activities and ideas for the classroom and often come across the cutest ideas but then I try to visualize how much of the activity my preschool age students would actually be able to do. Sometimes, the way an art activity looks online isn’t exactly how they turn […]

Teaching English language learners in preschool

A guest post by Karen Nemeth Excellence in early childhood education is a wonderful goal that we’d like to achieve for all young children. As the population changes, that means all early childhood teachers should be prepared to teach children who speak different languages. Right now as many as 20%-25% of the children in […]

Preschool activity: Reindeer Art

Make this simple Reindeer with your preschoolers! Three strips of brown construction paper A large sheet of paper for the background Glue Two sticker dots for eyes Red glitter for the nose Let your preschooler spread glue on the three brown construction paper strips then attach them in a triangle shape on the sheet of paper. […]

The Glue Table

Today, the post you will read is about glue but as you read it, there is much more meaning than just the use of glue in the classroom. However, I don’t want to tell you what to get out of this post when it comes to teaching in the early childhood classroom, I want you […]