Five reasons to encourage preschoolers to color

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on November 3, 2009

in Quick Tips for Preschool Teachers, Reading and Writing Readiness, The Value of Play

Set out a piece of paper and some crayons and see the growth and development that is taking place.

  1. Fine motor skills are being strenthened as preschoolers grasp the crayons and hold on tight enough to make the color show up on their paper.


  2. Eye-hand coordination is challenged as preschoolers  learn to use the crayons to draw long connected or short curly lines.


  3. The imagination is sparked as children create what may seem like scribbles to the untrained eye but to the child it may be a house, baby, or the family dog.


  4. Color recognition is being reinforced as preschoolers choose among the many different color choices made available to them.


  5. Communication skills are encouraged as preschoolers are asked to share something about their drawings with the class.


Keep crayons and paper available in your classroom all throughout the day and give your students time to color.

Younger preschoolers need time to strenthen their abilities and as they get older, they will be better able to master the skill of coloring and drawing.




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