Preschoolers need opportunties to develop their cutting skills

Give your preschoolers opportunities to develop their cutting skills but before you do so consider a few of the following suggestions: Make sure scissors will actually cut. If you can’t cut a piece of paper with the child-sized scissors you select then chances are, your preschoolers wont be able to either. Have left and right […]

Water table fun in the preschool classroom

A preschooler can enjoy water play as part of a small group or independantly. As a group, children use time at the water table to socialize, communicate, interact, and role play. For the child who enjoys a little alone time, the water table can be a relaxing and soothing experience.   Learning Opportunities The water table presents opportunities […]

Clean-up time in the preschool classroom

There is sand all over the floor, paint on the table, and toys scattered about which means your preschoolers are having fun learning and playing but now it is time to clean it all up. What should you do? Give the children a warning and some guidance A few minutes before clean-up time begins, go around to each child or […]

Give preschoolers opportunties to write and color

Here are some ideas to consider when giving your preschool students opportunities to color or write. Offer Choices Provide your preschoolers with a variety of writing tools to choose from. Add crayons, markers, pencils, pens, colored pencils, and chalk of different sizes and shapes. Provide access to different types of paper as well such as […]