Puzzles and games in the preschool classrooom

There are many kinds of puzzles and games you can include in your early childhood classroom. Puzzles and games present great opportunities for growth and development. Socially Games provide time for children to learn to take turns, talk together, and learn to follow rules. Emotionally Games and puzzles provide time for children to work through […]

Get great preschool ideas from early childhood bloggers

There are many wonderful bloggers out there that provide great resources for preschool teachers. There are blogs with descriptions and photos of creative art projects, blogs about curriculum, blogs by favorite children’s authors, and blogs with great ideas to share with your parents. You have managed to find this blog and I want to help […]

Preschoolers should go outside everyday


Whether the weather is cold or hot where you live, it is important for preschoolers to get outside to exercise, explore, play, and enjoy some fresh air. Outdoor play fosters positive opportunties for growth and development Cognitively: preschoolers are exposed to new words and ideas such as cold, hot, and warm; trees, leaves, flowers, and […]

Top five professional behaviors preschool teachers should know

Let’s put a positive spin on professional behavior in early childhood education. Why worry about professional behavior? Professionalism brings about respect, trust, and credibility. Your parents, coworkers, and students will all benefit from your ability to carry yourself in a professional manner. Here are the top five professional behaviors to practice in your preschool program. […]

Top five unprofessional behaviors preschool teachers should avoid

Preschool teachers come into contact with parents on a daily basis and professional behaviors make the difference between good teachers and exceptional teachers. This article will take a look at behaviors that should always be avoided by preschool teachers. Unprofessional behaviors Unprofessional behavior can impact the respect and welfare of children, parents, peers, co-workers, and […]

Recognizing what children are learning through their play

Discovering what children learn through their play is not always as easy as one might think. Perhaps it is because teachers or parents get distracted by the mess or noise. Perhaps it is because one can get in the mindset that learning is supposed to be a ‘sit down and focus’ time. To discover what […]