Daily Reports

Keeping parents informed of their child’s activities, needs, and developmental progress is a critical part of a preschool teacher’s job. One method for keeping parents informed is by offering parents a written report of their child’s day.

A daily report can be short and simple but it should have your personal touch in the effort.

Tips on writing quality daily reports:

1. Make sure you write neatly.

2. Make sure you spell correctly.

Just these two tips alone make a big difference in your ability to present yourself professionally and to communicate effectively.

3. Include a variety of information in your daily reports such as the child’s schedule, favorite activities, friends, eating habits, and so forth.

4. Avoid using the daily report as a tool for telling the bad news about a child’s day. This should be a person to person conversation. The daily report should be about a child’s positive experiences, behaviors, accomplishments, needs, growth, and development.

5. Think about what a parent wants to know that only you have the ability to share.

6. Keep the daily report short and concise – you don’t have to write a novel – just something simple and personable every day builds a good source of communication over time.

7. If you use a photocopied daily report as a template – be sure the copies are clean and of good print quality. Over time, copied templates can start to look shabby and messy.

8. Remember: Every child is different and every daily report should be reflective of each individual child in your care.

View and print this daily report: My Daily Report

My parents never read my daily reports…

This is a common concern for many preschool teachers but keep in mind that a daily report is communication tool and every tool you can use for communicating with parents is worthwhile. Some parents will read the daily reports, other parents will look for newsletters, other parents like to go online and view a website, other parents do better when you give them a phone call.  But regardless of which form of communication works, every child and every parent deserve your best effort.

Why should I dedicate so much time to a daily report?

You are a professional providing a professional service so give your best effort in all you do. The daily report is a reflection of a child’s day, a child’s growth, a child’s needs. Your best effort is in the child’s best interest and when a parent takes out that report to read it over, you want it to be a great reflection of your professionalism as well as a valuable source of information about their child.