Reading Aloud to preschoolers

During the preschool years, preschoolers are developing life-long attitudes about the reading experience.

A preschool teacher plays a major role in developing a joy for reading by creating the right reading experiences. For this reason, a preschool teacher should have a good grasp on how to best read-aloud to a group of preschool children.

When reading aloud to a group of preschoolers, keep the following points in mind…

Before Reading Aloud

  1. Choose a book that is appropriate for the age of students you are reading to.
  2. Choose a book that has concepts your students can understand and relate to.
  3. Review the book several times so you will be familiar with the story.
  4. Consider follow-up activities that your students can do to reinforce concepts in the story.

While Reading Aloud

  1. Hold the book up with the pictures and words facing the children while you read.
  2. Read aloud clearly and loud enough for every student to hear.
  3. Read with emotion and changes in voice to bring the story to life.

What else to keep in mind

  • Read the book as written. Most authors will have spent many hours writing a book that has the rhythm and rhyme exactly right.
  • Another reason to read the book as written: Preschoolers are learning to read and as you read the words aloud, they will begin to relate the print on the page to the words you are saying aloud.
  • Read the book often to the children and it will soon become one of their favorites.

Remember!!! You are an important influence in a preschooler’s love for reading so make reading a fun experience for everyone.