Choosing the Right Books

Reading to preschoolers starts with choosing the right books. There are several points to consider when choosing books to capture a preschooler’s interest and keep groups of preschoolers engaged in the story.

Illustrations: The books you choose for young children should include quality illustrations. Most preschool-age children are not yet reading and depend on the illustrations to keep them engaged and following along with what is happening in the story.

Attention Span: Preschool age children have short attention spans so look for books that are appropriate for the age group you are reading to.

Rhythm and Rhyme: There are many terrific authors who write their books with catchy rhythm and rhyme. These books are great for building pre-reading skills.

Repetition: There are also many terrific authors who write their books with repetitive phrasing. These books are also great for building pre-reading skills.

Interesting Topics: Choosing books with topics that children understand, enjoy, and can relate to is an important part of keeping children engaged in the reading process.

Learn the Difference: There is a difference between a book that is better when read one-on-one with a child and a book that works well for reading aloud to a group of students.

Do Your Homework: Take time to review the books you choose to read-aloud. See if the book you have chosen is one you enjoy as well.

Develop Your Skills: No matter how well written a children’s book is, you have to be prepared and skilled at reading-aloud. This just takes practice. So be sure and practice this skill and the more you do, the more you and your young students will enjoy reading together.

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