Music Takes Commitment

I visited a two-year-old classroom on several occasions and observed that this was not a happy classroom. This was not a fun classroom. It was time to get these children singing and laughing.

I sat with the children on the floor and in a bright happy voice and introduced them to a cute little Hello Song that I use everyday when I am teaching my own class. The twos all just sat down and stared at me with big blank looks on their faces. We (the teachers and I) all laughed at their shock Рit was the first time I heard any laughing from anyone in all my visits. So that was a start.

The key to getting children past the stage of shock or dislike of music is to keep singing the same songs over and over again. The more the children hear the song, the more familiar it becomes to them and to you.

It has been said that when introducing a new song, you should sing it at least four times in a row before the children will start to like it and sing along with you.

Don’t give up on a new song that you have learned. Your enthusiasm will rub off and the children will start to love what you love. Sing the song often, add hand motions or other movements. As you sing the song often, you will make it your own and it will bring joy into your classroom.