Music is like Magic

In early childhood work, music takes on a magical quality. Music can magically change the experience and atmosphere of your classroom.

If you are thinking, “I can’t sing and I don’t know any songs so music just isn’t for me.” Let me encourage you to think again. It isn’t how many songs you currently know or how well you sing that creates the magic – it is knowing just a few great tunes and having fun singing them with whatever type of voice you may or may not think you have.

If singing is new to you, it may feel awkward at first but as the children hear you having fun singing or dancing to a familiar tune, they will want to join in on your fun.

Teachers can use music in the classroom for many purposes:

  • To capture student’s attention
  • To create a positive and nurturing environment
  • To engage children in the learning process
  • To give guidance and instruction
  • To enhance self-esteem and confidence

The key to making a magical difference with music is choosing songs that are simple and easy to remember and then practicing them every chance you get. Your version of the song may be a little different than others – but that is okay.

Next time you want everyone to look at you, instead of raising your voice – try singing a catchy tune until everyone is either singing with you or at least looking your way. Get quieter as you sing and then tell your young students what you need.

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